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Learn to Enhance Your Body, Your Mind and Your Spirit. 

 Yoga Nidra
Reshape your Life, Redesign your Destiny
Lilydale, NY
Date: Sat. August 12, 2006

Time: 2-6:00 pm


Books, CDs & Tapes by Jan Hauenstein






Yoga Nidra is an ancient technique for healing, manifesting your intentions, & heart’s desires, while experiencing deep relaxation; for it is in deep relaxation that the body heals itself, the mind is stilled, and you are present to being in your divine nature. . .to receiving. . .to healing. . .to deepening your process of intuition. . .

Through this process you will be guided thru several Yoga Nidras. . . (Yoga Sleep) where you remain awake & alert, but relaxed & guided thru intention.
Yoga Nidra gently guides you into the alpha state where your brain rhythms drop peacefully into your inner sanctuary. You are then able to access the power of the logical left brain and the intuitive, insightful right brain. This is a state of oneness where you experience deep relaxation while remaining aware and conscious. Thru this process the mystical, integrative powers of the 3rd eye are released.
Yoga Nidra dissolves deep karmic roots, where miracles of self-healing occur and you have the power to actualize your intentions, affirmations, healing and prayers.

(Make it a day @ Lilydale. . .take in Dr. Judith Orloff’s Presentation " The Power of Intuition and Positive Energy to Heal" in the morning & Jan & Judi’s "Yoga Nidra" presentation in the afternoon and treat yourself to lunch & a stroll thru Lilydale inbetween and breathe in the energy to sustain & replenish you!)

Yoga Nidra Presentation: 

Bring: Cushioned mat, blanket, pillow & eye pillow
Includes: Handouts
Location: Lilydale, NY
Cost:  $65

Date: August 12, 2006 ~ Time: 2-6:00 pm

Jan's Yoga Nidra CD will be available




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