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Learn to Enhance Your Body, Your Mind and Your Spirit. 

Try for Life - Therapy - Reiki - Yoga



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A total body program for physical fitness.

Yoga is a method or system of physical, mental and spiritual development.  Hatha Yoga is devoted to the thorough care of the human body and all of its functions.  Its primary aim is to remove the sources of ill health before they can cause dysfunction.  It is believed that insufficient oxygenation, poor diet and nutrition, inadequate exercise, stress and poor elimination of waste products are the causes of disease. 

 In Yoga, the goal of good health is accomplished through a combination of techniques, including exercises called “Asanas,” stretches or postures, controlled breathing, relaxation, meditation, diet and nutrition.

Look for new Chakra Yoga & Yoga Nidra Certification in Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (300 Hour Level)  registered thru the Yoga Alliance.


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BRING: Cushioned mat, blanket, pillow, eye pillow & journal

Balancing the Chakras thru Yoga*

Our 7 main Chakras are like the software in a computer;

they contain our basic rights, patterns and programming which may be

reprogrammed thru Yoga.


• tools to bring balance, harmony & understanding into your life

• the Developmental Stages of the Chakras

• the Chakra basic rights & related elements

• how & why you act in life situations

• why you attract the situations & people into your life

• what chakras are balanced & out of balance

• to create a personal Chakra timeline

• gentle Chakra Yoga Postures & affirmations

• Chakras & their balancing colors, sounds, healing stones,

aromatherapy, foods

• Chakras and their related metaphysical & physical body parts

• Chakra Yoga Nidra - an ancient powerful technique of the yogis

Yoga for Lunar Cycles*

As the moon changes astrological signs every 28 days, the energy current

within and around us shifts with this change.


• To balance your life, body, mind and spirit thru understanding your

cycles and that of the moon

• Why we are affected by the lunar/moon cycles

• How we can best utilize this lunar energy

Balancing the Chakras thru Yoga and Yoga for Lunar Cycles

* (No previous yoga or astrology experience necessary...

only the desire to bring inner peace, harmony, and joy into your life and

those you touch; reconnecting with your True Divine Nature and Source;

tapping into your power & cycles of the moon.)

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